Monday, March 2, 2009

Who’s Afraid Of The Tennessee Bell Witch?

There are nine main rumors and facts about the Tennessee Bell Witch, a poltergeist who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell from 1817 to 1821.

Here are the details about Rumor #1 of 9:

For those of you who are not familiar with the Tennessee Bell Witch, the family of John and Lucy Bell was haunted by a poltergeist from 1817 to 1821. Once the family revealed to relatives and friends the details of the haunting, no less than four people and sometimes as many as 50 people would crowd into the Bell house to witness the nightly haunting (1818 to 1821). Andrew Jackson himself was reported to have had a run-in with the poltergeist that many people either called Kate (with a K) or the Bell Witch.

Unfortunately, many people pointed the finger of blame at an innocent neighbor by the name of Cate (with a C) Williams Batts, often called Kate. They either accused her of being the poltergeist who was doing the haunting, even though she was a living woman at the time, or they accused her of somehow engineering the haunting.

Where did the term "Bell Witch" come from? At first they called this entity a spirit. They did not seem to know the term poltergeist; however, that is truly what this entity was - a noisy ghost. When the level of mischievousness increased, they took to calling the entity who was haunting the BELL family a WITCH or the BELL WITCH. Read my book entitled “The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last! The True Story Of A Poltergeist” written under my pen name of DJ Lyons to hear the true story of how many people gravitated to calling this poltergeist by the name of Kate (with a K).

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