Monday, March 2, 2009

The Invisible Hand

There are nine main rumors and facts about the Tennessee Bell Witch, a poltergeist who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell from 1817 to 1821.

Here are the details about Rumor #4 of 9:

Rumor: A storyteller confided that a famous storyteller had been regularly performing her rendition of the Tennessee Bell Witch. At many of those performances, she would feel an invisible hand pulling on her arm during her performance.

Fact: Sometime in the late 1990’s, I was performing at the Oak Ridge Children’s museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This famous storyteller was performing there as well. When I delicately tried to ask that famous storyteller about this rumor, she clammed up. Just in case, I proceeded to tell her that Cate Williams Batts, often spelled Kate, was not the perpetrator of the haunting. I also told her several other details that are revealed in my book entitled “The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last! The True Story Of A Poltergeist” written under my pen name of DJ Lyons. I was hoping that she would either cease telling her version of the story in which she gives Cate the blame or that she would revise her story altogether. I don’t know whether or not she made any changes to her performance. At least, I know I tried.

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