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Introducing a Record Keeper Crystal from Ancient Lemuria

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a Record Keeper Crystal. I must admit that I had never heard of that concept before. She explained that a Record Keeper Crystal originated from Atlantis and Lemuria. When some of the residents became aware that the end was coming soon to their domain, they programmed and attuned several crystals, projected the tiny triangle or pyramid shape onto one or more facets of the crystal, and buried them in the earth or hid them in caves. They knew that years down the road, the crystals would be found by just the right people who would have the ability to bring forth that ancient knowledge to enlighten present generations of the world. I was fascinated by the entire idea.

As always, I did an internet search. I will include a list of the similarities and differences a little later in this blog.

One day, she walked in the door and handed me one of her Record Keeper Crystals to borrow for a few months. She said, “I was going to bring you another one, only the triangle disappeared when I picked it up. Then I picked this one up. I suddenly knew that this was the one you were meant to attune yourself with.”

I carefully took it in my hands and saw the tiny triangle on one of the facets. I was eager to get home to become better acquainted with this crystal. The first weekend, I only received the information that this was not the time due to the fact that I was not at all grounded and centered. Instead, I was feeling rather scattered and tired and would not have been very successful at bringing through a clear transmission.

Another two weeks went by. One Saturday, I just knew that this was the ideal time. I sat down in front of my computer, said a prayer to bring through information that would be for my highest good and the highest good of others. With the intention of wishing to bring through information that would help raise mass-consciousness, I pressed the triangle to my third eye for several minutes. With eyes closed, I delighted in the feel of the rather electric-feeling, highly charged energy. After about ten minutes, I lowered the crystal to my desk, opened up a MS word processing document and began typing.

I was told that this particular crystal originated in ancient Lemuria rather than Atlantis. With the knowledge that this was the most esoteric of any spirit guide I had ever brought through, I typed the following words:

Message #1 from an Ancient Lemurian Record Keeper Crystal

You are. Not you are this or you are that. You simply are. Or to put this in first person, I am. Not I am this or I am that. I simply am. I am. We all are a reflection of the Great I AM. What does that mean exactly?

This means that you, stripped of all the possessions, of all the career labels, of all the other status-producing items, of all the things that inspire ego-related thoughts, you are.

Know that as you surround yourself with friends, family members, acquaintances, and/or strangers, each one is also a perfect reflection of the Great I AM. They are. You are. We are. I am.

How can knowing this impact your life? How can you demonstrate that you have assimilated this very important and vital information? When you walk in the presence of a man or a boy, know that he is. When you walk in the presence of a woman or a girl, know that she is. As you walk or stand or sit or lie down, know that I am. Know that you are one with each one of these male others and female others. Know that though you are many, you are truly one with God, one with the Universe, one with all those who walked this Earth before you, one with all those who walk the Earth now, one with all those who will walk the Earth after you. I am, he is, she is, you are, we are, they are.

When you are tempted to complain or gossip, as you begin to say, “He is …” or “She is …” or “They are …” or “We are …” or “I am …” or “You are …” – stop short. End the sentence right there. Let any further words trail off into the nothingness from which they came. Instead, breathe and feel the truth. He, She, They, We, I, You … are all a part, an integral part, of the Great I AM. Celebrate that fact. This is not fiction. This is not a myth. This is reality. Any other way of looking at it is obscuring mist.

Be aware that when you give in to the temptation to attach any further words or labels, you are seeing He, She, They, We, I, You – through a fog, through dirty glasses, through a smoky plastic sheet. John 8:32 in the King James version of the Bible states, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” This is the truth. This is the only truth. This is immutable fact.

Copyright 2008 by DJ Lyons

If you would like this document as a FREE PDF download, click on the following link on my website. Scroll down until you see the words: Message #1 from an Ancient Lemurian Record Keeper. You can also download Message #2 as well for FREE. Click on this link:

FYI: When a person allows his or her hands to handwrite or type a message from a spirit guide, ghost, deceased loved one, or angel, this is called “automatic writing.” The first message came through in that manner.

That afternoon, I had an hour-long drive to visit a friend. I could still feel the Record Keeper percolating, so to speak. Speaking into my cassette recorder, I recorded the 2nd message. Later in the weekend, I transcribed that message onto another word processing document.

Over the course of the next few days, I took about 250 pictures, trying to capture an image of the triangle for my readers to see. The 2 pictures you see on the above link from my website were the best of the shots. Then I created a Powerpoint Show to highlight sevearl of those pictures. The picture above is a screen shot of that show. Afterward, I created my first ever YouTube video where I read the first message aloud while the Powerpoint Show played. Here is the link to that show. I hope you enjoy it.

I am eager to have another session with the Record Keeper Crystal as I can feel that he has so much more to teach me. I must admit that to live his words will be an ever-expanding work in progress. I know it will greatly enhance my life. I hope it will do the same for you.

There are several websites featuring Record Keeper Crystals for sale or that provide information about this phenomena. They all sounded fairly similar. Here are the highlights of only four of those websites:

#1 -
#2 –
#3 –
#4 -

  • A Record Keeper Crystal came from Atlantis & Lemuria - #1 & #4

  • A Record Keeper Crystal is programmed for future generations - #1 & #3

  • A Record Keeper Crystal was placed deep in the earth - #1

  • Some believe Record Keeper Crystals can manifest out of the air - #1

  • The identifying mark is a triangle or Pyramid shape - #1, #2, #3, #4

  • Triangle also “symbolizes the third-eye, the creating and the preservation of the state of perfection which serves as a pathway toward the enlightened state.” - #3 & #4

  • Tilt Record Keeper Crystal to catch the light in order to see the triangle. - #1, #2, & #4

  • Can feel the triangle with your fingers - #1, #3, & #4

  • A Record Keeper triangle is found on the following stones:
    a. Quartz Crystal - #4
    b. Smoky Quartz - #1
    c. Amethyst - #1
    d. Citrine - #1
    e. Ruby Crystals from South Africa & India - #3 & #4

  • The triangle has been known to appear and disappear - #1

  • Attune yourself to the crystal to receive information - #3 & #4

  • Receive the following information:
    a. about Atlantis - #1
    b. about Lemuria – none of them
    c. past life information - #1
    d. Wisdom that is stored in crystal - #3 & #4
    e. Information to guide life with personal wisdom - #1, #3, & #4
    f. About origin of human race, soul, and all that exists - #3 & #4
    g. To promote peace and healing to be used in this world - #3 & #4

  • To access the information, you must have an open mind and a pure heart - #1, #2, #3, & #4

  • From
    “The record keeper crystal is usually a personal meditation crystal. Meditation with the crystal is easily accomplished by placing a triangle upon the third-eye. Subsequent to this placement, close the eyes, still and open the mind, initiate circular breathing, relax, and be prepared to receive the information.Another method of accessing information is to activate the triangle by rubbing the thumbnail across the triangle from top to bottom. This provides the opening. Closing-off the source is accomplished by the opposite manipulation.If one is meant to experience a record keeper, the universe will provide. The record keeper which "comes" to you contains the information which will be beneficial to your personal development and /or will provide information which will assist you in helping another.”

    What about the rest of you? Have any of you ever had an experience with a Record Keeper Crystal or another stone? If so, please share.

    Also, feel free to share your responses to the first two messages the the Record Keeper.
    Thanks so much! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

    Best Wishes to you all,
    DJ Lyons
    Author of “The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last!
    The True Story Of A Poltergeist”


    BriGG. said...

    thank you so much for sharing this!! > Messages from an Ancient Lemurian Record Keeper Crystal

    I first heard from this Crystal august 2007, and in/through meditation I 'connected' with one in feb. 2008, and it was sóóó BEAUTIFUL!!! later on THIS day I'll join a person who gives a workshop about this Crystal: I'm so looking forward to this!

    lovely regards from BriGG.
    [who's from the Netherlands, and my english is not so good ;-) ]

    Ask DJ Lyons said...

    Brigg of

    Thank you for sharing your comment. Your website is absolutely beautiful.

    Please feel free to share what you learn in this workshop about the Record Keeper Crystal. I would love to learn more. I'm sure my readers would love to learn more as well.

    Many blessings to you now and always, DJ
    DJ Lyons

    BriGG. said...

    hi DJ. thank you for your comment, and also for the compliment to my website! [you can leave a mesage there also if you wish]
    today I wrote my experiences about yesterday, and indeed I would like to share it! but.. as I said, my english is not that well, so I made this text translated online. the dutch text I leave here also: you never know if any other dutch people passes by ;-)

    here it comes:
    vertaald door :
    translation by:

    we zijn met 3 vrouwen: Ilonka, die deze workshop geeft, en dus nog een ander persoon. tijdens de workshop: ná de start, de doorstroom/aardingsoefening zouden we een Kristal uitkiezen om vandaag mee te werken. de kristallen varieerden van groot tot klein, een stuk of 30?, en één grote. ook de grote die vandaag meedoet in het medicijnwiel is te koop, maar daar kan dan vandaag niet mee gewerkt worden. tja.. om mijzelf zo min mogelijk in de keuze te laten beperken heb ik gevraagd of de prijsjes uit beeld mogen [dat kan] zodat ik zo gevoelsmatig mogelijk kan kiezen. en dat gaat heel snel. ik pak een liefje, en hou deze tussen [linker]duim en wijsvinger om te bekijken, en direct voel ik me heel emotioneel.. bijna 't zelfde gevoel als ik deze tussen [rechter]duim en wijsvinger hou.. ik ga er maar even voor zitten, met mn ogen dicht, en krijg door dat ik iig vandaag met dit kristal mag werken. ik voel héél even iets van teleurstelling, want stiekem hoopte ik toch wel met zo'n mooi Kristal naar huis te mogen. maar die teleurstelling is heel snel weg: want mógen werken met zo'n schatje vind ik voor mezelf al een grote stap! :-)

    we are with 3 women: Ilonka, which gives this workshop, and therefore still another a person: we start, run through/earthing exercise how we would selct a Crystal to cooperate today. cthe Crystals varied of large to small, a piece or 30?, and? little, large also Xlarge that buy participates today, there 's also one in the medecine wheel that't for sale, is as little as possible in the choice one to be able limit I have asked if the prijsjes can picture [ that is possible ] so that I can choose this so sensitive as possible. and that goes very fast. I catch a dear, and kept these [ to lmy left]thumb and indexfinger to examine, and directly feel myself I very emotional.then almost the same feelinghappens if I these kept in my [ right]thumb and indexfinger.. I precede by it but just as to sit, with mn eyes closed, and gets' through that I least can work with it for today with this crystal. I feel a little disappointed, because I hoped secretly nevertheless with such a beautiful crystal to go home.. but that vexation is very rapidly gone: because to wórk with such a dear I find a large step for mezelf already! : -)

    ik ben niet zo gevoelig als die andere mevrouw bv. voor het voelen van energie van mineralen bij hun aanwezigheid: ik moet me er echt op richten/mediteren: dan kan ik nog wel eens iets waarnemen, maar lang niet altijd. dus op zich vond ik dit al een prachtige ervaring! na de volgende meditatie/oefening zullen we evt. nog een ander Kristal mogen kiezen om het verschil in energie te ervaren. we doen een verbindingsoefening met ons kristal [de andere mevrouw had er sinds heel kort één, en wil haar Kristal ook graag leren kennen, vandaar dat zij ook meedoet] we gronden ons, verbinden ons met Moeder Aarde, de Kosmos, ons totemdier, en wie we er maar 'bij' willen hebben om ons hierin te begeleiden. [ik vroeg mijn Gids om te komen, mijn Feniks kwam als vanzelf, en mijn totemdier, de Beer, was ook ff in beeld > over die Beer later meer] verder verbonden we ons ook met het Kristal-Grid hier op aarde [mooi!]. mooie meditatie..!! daarna zei Ilonka dat we een ander zouden kunnen Kristal kiezen... het bleek dat de andere mevrouw ahw. een zusje had gekozen uiterlijk gezien als die ik gekozen had... heel frappant... want verderop de dag in bleek dat we erg veel overeenkomsten hadden hoe ons leven tot nu toe verlopen was. hóeft er natuurlijk niks mee te maken te hebben, maar leuk vond ik het wel..

    I am not sensitive such as those other Ms e.g. for feeling energy of minerals at their presence: I must aim really/meditate: then I can observe still once something, but long always therefore in itself did not find I this already a splendid experience! after the next meditation/exercise we might choose evt. still a another crystal for the difference in energy to experience. we have done connection exercise with our Crystal [ the other Ms would have wanted also gladly learn its Crystal know since very short one, and, hence that she participates also ] we grounded, and got connected to cosmos, our totemanimal with mother Earth, and anyone who we want but to accompany us. [ I asked my guide to come, 'my' Phoenix came automatically, and my totemanimal, the bear, came around also. we also connected with the Kristal-Grid here on Earth [ nicely! ]. beautiful meditation...! afterwards Ilonka said we could choose another one Crystal... it pale that the other Ms a little "sister" in appearance had chosen considered as which I had chosen... little freaky... because during the day in pale that we had a lot many agreements how our life had been so far gone

    ok, we mogen een ander Kristal kiezen... ik Wil die grote... maar ja, dás willen hè? ;-) toen heb ik toch gevraagd wat deze kosten moest, want anders wilde ik die niet eens gaan vasthouden.. en deze pastte nb ruim in mijn budget! dus toch maar 'n kansje wagen!! > meditatie! ik hoorde : "ik heb niks met jou" maarja, of dat nou mijn stem was, of 'een andere'... onbewust keerde ik in mijn handen de steen om, en hoorde, 'maar wél als je me omdraait'... KLOINK!!! Poeh!! dit is raar... sceary? nee, freaky... dit is wel ff iets anders dan energie vóelen van een mineraal... 'het práát!!' tijdens deze meditatie heb ik -zeer- persoonlijke boodschappen mogen krijgen, met vooral de intentie waarin loslaten centraal staat. op zich een bekend gegeven natuurlijk, [tenminste voor mij wel..] en ik kan het ook niet uitleggen, maar het concept 'loslaten' voelt hier met dit Kristal totaal anders dan wanneer mij[door 'men': familie, vrienden oid] 'gezegd' werd van 'láát het nou, laat het toch gewoon los', en het voor mij voelt als een [continue] strijd, dat loslaten, én dat dan nog verliezen dan ook, voor m'n gevoel..
    we hebben ff pauze, Ilonka maakt koffie & soep, en wij tweeën kijken de kamer wat rond: er is genoeg te zien, prachtige zelfgemaakte oceandrums bv. héé, kaartjes! ik móet altijd ff 'n kaartje trekken als ik ze waar dan ook zie liggen.. .lol. die kwam eigenlijk nét zo hard als die KLOINK!!! binnen... "Jouw verstand kan Mij niet begrijpen. Jouw hart kent Mij al" de kippevel-ervaring waren niet van de lucht dus, zoals je ziet.. daarna heerlijk gelunched, en ff van het zonnetje genoten buiten.

    okay, we can choose a another crystal... I WANT that large one ... but yes, that's 'to want' ain't it? ; -) then I have nevertheless asked what these costs had, because differently want not even will hold I that one in my hands.. and these fits clear in my budget! therefore nevertheless but n try ventures!! meditation! I heard: "I have nothing with you" ..., or that was my voice was, or ' another '... I turned unconsciously in my hands the stone for, and heard, ' but much if you turn me '... KLOINK!!! WOW!! this is strange... sceary? no, freaky... this is, however, something else then to féél the energy of a mineral... the Crystal TALKS!! during this meditation I - very - have been possible get personal messages, with especially the intention in which releases central state. in itself confessed given of course, [ at least me, however..] and I cannot explain it also, but the concept ' to release ' feels here with this çrystal só totally differently than when people [such as family, friends aso. ] ' said ' became separately of ' let it go..', nevertheless ordinary ', and it for me fit feels as [ ongoing ] a fight, which releases, and that then still losing it..., for my feeling..
    then there 's lunch. we have ff pause, Ilonka make coffee & soup, and the two of us, we look around the chamber what: there is enough, splendid home-made oceandrums e.g. héé, Spiritual Cards! I always I want a card if I see them.. lol. which came in actual this way as hard as those KLOINK!!!... Your brain cannot understand Me. Your heart has already knows Me.
    the horripilation experience was not of air therefore, such as you.
    then afterwards delicious lunched, and enjoyed the sun outside for a little while.

    hierna kregen we nog een trance-reis met begeleiding van klankschalen. dit was geweldig! [voor Ilonka met haar Sjamaanse achtergrond heet dit dus blijkbaar trance-reis, ik herken het als een geleide visualisatie] tja, die beer waar ik 't eerder al over had.. kijk, volgens 'onze' astrologie ben ik als maagd geboren. volgens de chinezen ben ik dan een houtdraak, en bij de Indianen een Bruine Beer. niks mis mee. draken fascineren me tenminste nog, maar met beren 'heb' ik eigenlijk helemaal niks. leuk hoor, zo'n grote dikke knuffel, maar verder.. maar 'mijn' Feniks, dás vooral MIJN 'dier', mijn steun & toeverlaat! ergens tijdens deze meditatie kwam totaal onverwacht op een speciale manier die Beer in Beeld, waarvan ik voelde dat het klopte... nu écht van: hij hoort er óók bij!! ik werd er ook blij van. tja.. nu besefte ik wel.. die beer 'staat' voor verdediging & kracht. dus maar es afwachten wat ik daar verder nog mee kan/mag.. ergens later was ik 'opeens' in dialoog met mijn Kristal.. vanuit een 'ja, maar..' van mij kwam er een soort humoristisch/cynische opmerking van mijn kant[ben ik soms helaas wat te goed in], en werd deze door het Kristal op precies zo'n manier teruggekaatst..

    hereafter we went on a 'trance-journey' with accompaniment of consonance scales this was great!! [ for Ilonka with its Sjamaanse context this therefore apparently trance-journey are called, I recognise it as a visualized meditation ] well, the bear I spoke of earlier... it's according to ' our ' astrology I as a virgin born, according to the chinese, I'm then a [wood]dragon, and at the indians a browm bear; dragons fascinates me at least still, but with roar ' have ' I in fact entirely nothing. nicely animals, but, that's it. but ' my ' Phoenix, thát's especially MY 'animal', my support & confidence! somewhere during this meditation I totally unexpected on a special manner that bear came on screen, of which I felt that it was correct... now for real!!: he belongs to me also!! I became there also very gladly of.. now I realised that bear, however., it works for maintaining & strength, therefore but ash what I am possible/can with that further still.. somewhere later was I 'suddenly ' in dialogue with my crystal.. from 'yes, but..' of me came there a type humoristically/cynical observation of my side[ that's me sometimes unfortunately what too good ], and these were reverberated by the crystal in exactly such a manner..

    vóór ik mij ook maar kon bedenken of dit nu wel of niet een gedachte van mijzelf was, zei ik 'vlieg!' en de 'kan ik niet' die ik toen hoorde was beslist niet van mezelf, dus na mijn automatische 'te laat!' lachtte ik hartelijk hardop!! ['k heb meerdere keren lekker kunnen lachen > volgens mij sluiten we wel aan qua humor .lol.] >> ff uitleggen: cabaretier Bert Visscher heeft dit in één van zijn shows gebruikt, en is een favoriet afreageerklep bij ons op de therapiegroep, 3 van ons [incl mijzelf] zijn stapel op Bert Visscher, dus als één van ons 'vlieg' zegt, zegt een ander 'kan ik niet', en de laatste dus 'te laat!' dit is vooral hilarisch als er nieuwe mensen in de groep komen, en dit nog niet kennen van ons.. !! ;-) ik begin nu wel [al?!]te leren onderscheiden welke gedachten wel van mij zijn, en welke niet. voor mij voelt het alsof je een idee krijgt, maar waarvan je wéét dat je het nóóit zelf had kunnen bedenken, écht nóóit!!!! niet zo van: goh, dat ik daar nou niet eerder aan dacht.. nee, je had het echt niet kunnen verzínnen!! dit gaat de fantasie voorbij.. en Licht... ik heb zóveel Licht gezien.. [en dat was écht niet het zonnetje dat af toe naar binnen scheen!] en ook de naam is me verteld van dit Kristal.
    dit is globaal wat ik gisteren heb meegemaakt, en het voelt fantastisch!

    by I also but could consider myself or this now yes or no an idea of miyself.. I said I 'fly!' and the 'I'am not possible' that I heard then, did not be definitely of my own thougts.. , therefore after my automatic 'too late!' I smiled outloud!! [several time I have been possible laugh nicely, and according to me we do connect with the same humour lol. ] a little explain: cabaretier Bert Visscher [a kind of 'stand-up-camedian] has used this in one of its shows, and he [Bert Visscher ]is favo of us 3 collegues, including myself [ therefore as one of our 'fly ' says, another one does not say 'I'm not possible', and the last therefore says 'too late!', this is especially hysterical fun if there are new people around, and not yet know this of us.. !!; -)
    I start learn now, however, [already?!] distinguished which ideas of me to be, and which for me it does not feel as if you get an idea, but of which your knów that you néver could have considered by yourself, really névererverever!!!! even not this way of: gee, why didn't i earlier about that.. no, you never would not have been possible to made this up!! this goes beyonds fantasy and more.....
    and Light... só much Light I've seen.. [ and that was really nót the sun shining through the window now and then!!]
    and also the name has been told me of this Crystal.

    this is globally what I experienced yesterday, and it feels fantastically!
    I hope you enjoy my story, and the ones who read this also.

    with Love & Light, BriGG.