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Channeling In Everyday Life

I hoped my recent blog on channeling called "The Law of Attraction and the Bell Witch on October 4, 1993" would bring feedback and it did. Here is the first of what I hope will be the beginning of many comments on the subject. See this link for that original blog: http://askdjlyons.blogspot.com/2008/03/law-of-attraction-and-bell-witch-on.html#links

From Rick:

I think I get what you’re saying about all of us “channeling” at times.

Not long ago, I was backing out the front door of my home because both of my arms were filled with laundry. As I locked my front door, I had the strangest thought: “I didn’t even look at my front yard. What if there’s a big dog out there waiting to attack me?” Quickly dismissing the thought, I locked the door, then turned and walked toward my carport. About 50 feet away I sensed something moving to my left. A large dog – more afraid of me than I was of him – quickly ducked behind my storage building, then ran away. I had never seen the dog before, nor have I seen it since.

A few weeks ago, I was awakened from a light sleep when I heard a woman’s voice say “Hello.” I was not dreaming. I was so startled by the woman’s voice that I could not go back to sleep. My mother (age 77) had been ill and, although the voice was not hers, I had a terrible feeling that she was dying. I immediately got dressed and drove to my parents’ home. I unlocked the front door and walked to my mother’s bedroom. She was lying at the foot of the bed, unable to move and barely able to speak. My father, in attempting to move her to the middle of the bed, had strained his back. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “I just knew something was wrong,” I said. Seeing the seriousness of my mother’s condition, I called an ambulance. After a week in intensive care and three weeks in a rehabilitation center, she is back home, well on her way to a complete recovery. She credits “the voice” with saving her life. I believe the voice was an angel.

Two years ago, I was trying to watch television one night but my mind kept wandering to a dear uncle who was hospitalized in a city roughly 30 miles away. Suddenly, I felt the room change. I don’t know any other way to put it. The room didn’t get lighter or darker. It didn’t get colder or hotter. The “feel” of the room just changed. I was so unsettled that I checked the time. It was 10:45. At 11:10 my telephone rang. It was my parents, calling to tell me my uncle had died. “I know,” I said. “He died at 10:45, didn’t he?” They said that would’ve been about right, because they had just gotten a phone call from the hospital regarding my uncle’s death.

Are these examples of channeling?

My Response to Rick:

Thanks for commenting. In answer to your question, absolutely! I would definitely say that those are examples of channeling or listening to that still small voice that is God.
Here’s another example for you. I have an older brother and a younger brother. The wife of my younger brother was enjoying a visit with her out-of-state parents. She suddenly felt quite motivated to show off the new king-size mattress that they had just had delivered the previous day. She went to one corner, lifted up the bottom sheet, and received a very unpleasant surprise. In addition to the mattress was a black widow spider. She shrieked and ran from the room. Her father dispatched the spider pretty quickly. Then he and my brother made a thorough search of the room to make certain that no other unwelcome guests were present.

Can’t you just imagine that her angel whispered in her ear? Her angel probably whispered, “Hey, show off your mattress to your parents. Go to that corner. No, not that one. Go to this corner. That’s right. Now lift off the bottom sheet. Voila!”

My precious little three-year-old niece often hops on that bed to watch morning cartoons. My brother and his wife perhaps slept with that spider the previous evening. I thank God for that angel thought or angel voice or spirit guide or women’s intuition or whatever it was that motivated my sister-in-law to take the appropriate steps to keep her family and herself safe.

Now I am not advocating the killing of spiders. It would have been nice if they could have captured it in a bag and released it to the great out-of-doors. That is what I strive to do when I have spider visitors in my duplex townhouse apartment. But I definitely feel my sister-in-law was doing a form of channeling, whether or not she feels inclined to call it by those words. It’s all semantics anyway. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. It is simply a fact of life that we all hear that inner voice that drives us to take certain actions or to say certain words just when a person most needs to hear them or to open a book to just the page that we most need to read or to turn on the TV just in time to hear words that impact our life, or … . Obviously, I could go on and on.

I am very glad that your mother is improving in health and vitality! I will keep her and you in my prayers. Keep me posted on how she and you are doing. Feel free to write a comment again at anytime.

Do any of you others have stories you wish to share?

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Best Wishes to Rick, his mother, and to the rest of you and your loved ones,
DJ Lyons
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