Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bell Witch Cave as experienced by Ann from Alabama

Response from Reader named Ann from Alabama received on 16 January 2010

In me you had probably the most adamant unbeliever in the "supernatural". I say had because my trip to the Bell Witch Cave in 2009 changed my mind and life. I had always believed people saw things, but figured there was a rational natural force at work and we had just never figured it out yet. On the tour I remarked to a friend that the owners of the property were making a nice living off the old Bell Witch story, and that given how isolated the area was even today, it was easy to understand how people hundreds of years ago would imagine ghosts and "haints" in the woods after darkness fell.

I passed on the part of the tour where the group went into the cave. I had hurt my leg a week or so before and the walk down to the cave had taxed me. I was afraid I would injure my leg again if I went in on the wet slippery rocks. I sat outside on the steps and honestly was very bored with the whole thing by this time. Knowing full well my friend would not receive a text on his cell while he was in the cave, I still texted to him... "Bring me the head of the Bell Witch." I sent that text at 3:55 P.M. I continued snapping pictures of the area, and nothing unusual seemed to be going on.

After returning home and downloading the pictures I found out just what had gone on. I found my ghost pictures, starting at 3:57 P.M. Just two minutes after my smartass text. The first was a heavy mist inside the mouth of the cave with the head of a woman clearly visible. I started contacting everyone asking them to download their pictures if they hadn't already. It's almost impossible to describe the photos we took that day. All told the group took over a 100 pictures at the area and inside the cave, and many of them have the most unusual things in them, starting after I sent my text. I have the most pictures, my punishment I guess for making light of the ghosts.

It's made me realize that there is something after death, but for me it's not comforting. I don't like the idea that I, or my energy will still hang around, having knowledge that I'm dead, seeing live people and maybe even my loved ones, but no longer able to be a part of their life, and unable to talk to them. I wasn't religious before this, and I still don't believe in heaven/hell etc. But there IS something after death, and now I'm REALLY not looking forward to it. As for the pictures, you can argue that my camera had some weird malfunction that caused the mists, raining fire, faces, full body apparitions, orbs, and many more things, but we were dealing with at least 6 or more cameras capturing similar things. Even my husband had his own camera with him and captured weird mists and faces. People seeing the photos ask us how in the world we didn't see that stuff when taking the pictures. I DON'T know why. But I do know if I had seen it, I would have been back up that hill so fast, injured leg or not, that I would have been a blur on someone else’s photo.

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