Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to make an email signature card using Wisestamp is a customized signature card. This is a free download that can help promote your business and you personally. Since I wanted to add a picture plus very specific links in tabular form to make it look like a business card, I visited my favorite HTML tutorial site of to help me do just that. Here are some helpful tips that could help you customize your e-mail signature for free.

What else is good for? You can customize all aspects of your signature, you can add RSS feeds, you can add in many or all of your social networking sites, and you can customize your e-mails and either select a personal signature or a business signature based on your specific e-mail recipient.

Please note: Since the eHOW fields won't accept straight HTML code, I placed the HTML code on the pictures for Step 3 and Step 5. Copy the code found in the pictures and replace the text that is colored red with your personalized information.

Click on EMAIL SIGNATURE CARD to read the entire article on

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