Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get a Taste of Vegas in your very own Home

I have very little experience with Casino games other than slot machines. When driving from Illinois to California back in college, I was able to use a slot machine then. I also have gone on 18 cruises. I sometimes enjoyed playing the slot machines in the ship’s casino that was open 24 hours a day other than when we were at a port. As a kid, I had a toy version of a roulette wheel that I enjoyed playing. I wonder what ever happened to it? As for poker, I know next to nothing about that. When channel surfing, I notice that you can actually watch people play poker. I also have seen some movies where the main characters are playing poker or the slots or roulette. So I have a limited knowledge of poker. I also have never been to Las Vegas; although, I hope to go someday. Even so, I love to learn about new things.

In the course of surfing the web, I discovered something rather enticing. There is actually an online casino called Online Red Casino that we can explore and try out – many options for free. So in other words, I am going to be writing about this topic as a newbie. For experienced Casino players, you may enjoy having a website you can visit as a form of nostalgia and to keep your skills up to par. For newbies like me, you may enjoy testing your skills on the myriad games available at this particular website known as Vegas Red.

In visiting their home page, they mention you can get an $888 Welcome Bonus and enjoy VIP benefits of a club they call the Loyalty Club by downloading their free casino software. As usual, I always read or skim Terms and Conditions of any offer from any website. A few of the details that stood out is that you must be at least 18 years old to join. There can only be one account per household. You need to play a game at least every 180 days or your account becomes inactive. The $888 is not cash money you can have sent to you. Instead, as I understand it, it is similar to a debit card. You can wager up to that amount on the games and not be out any money of your own. Once you exceed this amount in game losses, you will have real cash pulled from your credit card account. On the other hand, if you exceed this amount in game winnings, than you can actually withdraw this amount up to $9,999 per month. If you have won more than that, it will roll over to the next month. Please read the directions for yourself, there may be other catches that I did not mention before you take the plunge of joining. If you do join, please share your experiences in the comment section. I would love to hear how it goes through your eyes. By the way, they do mention that they have customer support always available if you are unclear on anything or need additional help.

So, what on-line games do they offer? They offer the traditional games like blackjack, roulette, slot machines, craps and video poker. Visiting their Preview page (link included above), they advertise 17 progressive jackpots, card and table games, bonus games, video slots, progressive games, Asian games, regular slots, Arcade games, video poker, and live games. As a newbie, it sounds like they have included every possible game any casino lover would crave to play. Am I right about this? Only an experienced person could answer that question. There are multiple links you can click on to explore all they offer. Naturally, you will need to download their free software and agree to their terms and conditions in order to actually play. Good luck to any of you who decide to take the challenge. Please share your stories if you do – especially if you win.

See the picture above of the casino roulette image. When possible, I love being able to add a bit of color to my blogs. Please share your experiences with roulette, slot games, poker, etc. My readers and I would love to hear your stories as well.

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Nicoyle said...

Funny you should mention the play roulette game, I had one of those when I was younger too. I also like the slot machines as I know once I use up with what I have that is it. I don't think that I would do well at the tables as I have no experience at all. Being able to practice at the site you mention would probably learn me the know how of how the games work, but I don't think I would be brave enough to actually go to Vegas or somewhere to try it... lol.