Monday, March 2, 2009

Take The Bell Witch Poll

Which Bell Witch YouTube Movie do you like better?

I made a YouTube movie reviewing my Bell Witch book. Later on, I discovered that enables you to insert Pop-Up Talk Bubbles that highlights specific points to viewers.

I would really like to know which Bell Witch movie you like best. Go to YouTube and watch the following two 2) movies. Then please come back and make a comment about which movie you liked best and why.

Do you like the 1st Bell Witch movie best that has NO Pop-Up Talk Bubbles?


Do you like the 2nd Bell Witch movie best that is filled with Pop-Up Talk Bubbles?

I hope you enjoyed the two (2) YouTube movies called "The Bell Witch Unveiled" by Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons. It featured the poltergeist many people call the Bell Witch or the Tennessee Bell Witch or Kate. You heard more about the woman wrongly accused of being this poltergeist, even though she was a living woman at the time - Cate Batts, more commonly spelled Kate Batts. Additionally, you heard more about John Bell, his wife Lucy Bell, & their teenage daughter, Betsy Bell. Lastly, you learned a few secrets about the 3 Poltergeists.

Read the Bell Witch book to find out more. You can purchase the Bell Witch Unveiled book using

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