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The 3 Poltergeists Who Haunted The Family of John and Lucy Bell from 1817-1821

I hope people enjoy reading my newly published book called "The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last! The True Story Of A Poltergeist", ISBN #1614744774. This is a 365-page historical fiction novel based on the most widely-documented ghost story in the state of Tennessee, if not the entire USA.

Who was haunted?

The family of John and Lucy Bell

When did the haunting happen?

From 1817 to 1821

Where did the haunting happen?

In a little town about 40 miles north of Nashville called Adams, Tennessee

Who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell?

Most people erroneously wish to give the blame to a woman known by most as Kate or Kate Batts. Some archives even erroneously suggest that she was dead and had come back to haunt John Bell and his family. Other archives erroneously claim that she was a widow woman with no children that lived long enough to produce children of her own. In fact, she lived 13 years beyond the death of John Bell. Her husband lived another year beyond that. She had five daughters and one son, most of whom had children and later on grandchildren. During the fall of 1993, I personally met three of the direct descendants of Cate and Frederick Batts, either through their line or the line of their husband’s. All three wish to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, two of them have since passed. I still keep in touch with the third one.

A few archives suggest that if Cate Williams Batts (the actual spelling of her name) did not do the haunting, she engineered it in some fashion. That is also false. Cate was a very spiritual woman, a psychic, a healer, and quite eccentric. She only used her spiritual abilities for good in her entire lifetime where she played the role of Cate Williams Batts.

Here is a picture of Cate Batts, John Bell, and the three poltergeists who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell from 1817 to 1821. Read my book to find out their names and all the particulars and motives of this haunting. Visit my website ( to find the links to buy my book at the most competitive prices or click on the links below.

Why was the spirit called the Bell Witch?

The spirit who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell was at first called a spirit. Later on, as the mischievousness of the spirit increased in intensity, they called it a witch. In actuality, it was a noisy ghost or poltergeist who did the actual haunting. I don’t believe they were familiar with that word back in those days; therefore, the name of Bell Witch stuck and has been used ever since.

Who was the artist for this drawing?

Back in 1996, I attended a psychic fair in Johnson City, Tennessee. There I met John Duckett who did spiritual channeled artwork of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, past life experiences, and inner-self renderings. He was the one who drew this beautiful illustration. I appreciate his willingness to change venues a bit by drawing the compelling picture of Cate Batts and the three poltergeists who haunted the family of John and Lucy Bell.

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